Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge

This hands-on project saw us working with 43 Poole households to equip them with the knowledge and skills to reduce food waste, save money and become advocates for change in their communities.

The challenge began with a launch event in early December, followed by three cooking workshops from January to April 2018. The events were lead by local chef Alex De Freitas from Honest Meals.

The workshops taught participants how to make nutritious meals while also reducing food waste and using up leftovers. Participants also learnt tips and tricks on how to shop smart and reduce their weekly food bill.

Alongside the workshops, participants also received £100 worth of kitchen products and gadgets to help them reduce food waste, and make the most of their kitchens.

By carrying out a mini food waste audit in the home at the start and end of the challenge we have been able to measure the impact of the project.

Overall, participants reduced their combined food waste by a whopping 50.28% with some participants reducing it by as much as 93%. Total food spend was also reduced by 17.10% with some reducing it by as much as 65%.

If this progress continued over a year, participants would reduce their combined food waste by 2.47 tonnes. What’s more, if all of Poole’s 71,995 households also reduced their annual food waste by 50.28% this would reduce food waste in Poole by 5,102 tonnes per year.

Page last updated: 20 July 2018
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