Fab Foods

Part of the Waste less, Save more campaign is to help children understand the importance of food waste at a young age.

That's why we worked with Bishop Aldhelms Primary School to help introduce food waste to their curriculum.

The project started in January 2018 when ‘Grandad’ and ‘Mrs Munch’ (AKA The Desperate Men Theatre Group) visited the school to introduce the project. The ‘Green Team’ at the school also carried out an audit to measure how much food was being thrown away, particularly at lunch times.

The school then created an action plan including fun ways to help reduce food waste. As part of Bishop Aldhelm’s action plan they introduced composting bins so that food waste can be composted on site.

In March the school held a ‘Fab Foods Week’ which included food waste themed lessons and homework and a final visit from Grandad and Mrs Munch to find out what the pupils had learnt and achieved so far.

A final audit was carried out to see if the school had managed to reduce their food waste. Overall they saw a 17% reduction in food waste which they expect to improve upon as they continue the action plan.

The Fab Foods school resources, such as assembly ideas and lessons plans, are available for other schools to use. If you are interested in using these resources please email wasteless@poole.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 11 June 2018
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