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Your Borough Of Poole

Poole 2020

Poole 2020 outlines the council’s vision for Poole and helps explain the financial challenges and period of change that it faces.

The council is committed to keeping residents, local businesses and the wider community informed and updated on the progress being made to meet the challenging times ahead.

Poole 2020

Challenging times

Over the past five years the council’s core government funding has been cut by 56%.

By 2019 this will reduce from £15 million each year to zero. This reduction is the equivalent of £230 a year for every household in Poole.

Since 2011 savings of nearly £60 million have been made in Poole. However, the council will have to make additional savings of £12 million over the next three years.

To achieve this, the council will need to change the way it works across all services and with its partners whilst continuing to protect vital local services and deliver its priorities in the years ahead. Over 50% of the council’s money is spent on services for vulnerable adults and children.

The council will act responsibly and prepare for the future with the best interests of Poole at heart. Residents, local businesses and the wider community can help too. To find out how you can help please see: