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Townside Access

Give us your views on shaping attractive public spaces from Hunger Hill to Poole Bridge, including West Street and West Quay Road.

About Townside Access

The town centre side of Backwater Channel in Poole is changing. A masterplan is in place for the future expansion of the Port and the various development sites along West Street and West Quay Road are starting to be planned and delivered. In time these sites will provide thousands of new homes, leisure opportunities and new jobs for local people. We want this area to be a pleasant and inviting place that people want to use (place-making).

The road network for this area was approved in 2015 and we have already made some changes focused on pedestrian and cyclist improvements on West Street and West Quay Road; including new, safer pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes. Now, to support the strategic nature of the area further, we will be improving access to the port and town centre to help ‘unlock’ the development sites for regeneration. We successfully secured £11.7 million from Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Dorset Growth Deal, to help provide this. The funding also provides a unique opportunity to create attractive public spaces to enhance the quality of life for local people (place-making). We’d like you to give your views on how you think these spaces should be shaped for everyone to enjoy.

NB – the government Growth Deal grant is specifically provided for this capital scheme and cannot be used for any other council function.

Our aims for Townside Access

  • improve access to the various development sites on the town side of Backwater Channel to encourage regeneration
  • shape public spaces to create a new local identity for Townside; making best use of materials, landscaping, lighting, artwork, signage and street furniture
  • create more reliable journey times and safeguard air quality in the area.
  • deliver a more consistent cycling and pedestrian network with better connectivity to the town centre and upgrade crossing facilities.

Creating a local identity at Townside

Place-making can be described as: The planning, design and maintenance of public spaces; maximising local community assets, aspirations and the area's potential with the intention of creating public spaces to promote people's health, happiness and well-being.

Aspirations to create a local identity for Townside were defined in the 2015 Poole Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document and include:

  • respecting local heritage: Preserve and enhance heritage assets and sensitive locations such as Hunger Hill Burial Ground
  • enhancing gateways into the town: celebrate the location of the historic Town Gate
  • integrating artwork (with local relevance): free-standing art works, artist designed landscapes, light works, digital technologies, use of materials
  • improving active travel: a network of public spaces, easy access, well connected routes, desire lines, walking and cycling
  • details in public spaces: visual interest, local distinctiveness, consistent and creative use of materials, maintenance, street furniture, reduce street clutter, lighting, sense of place
  • steady vehicle flows on strategic and main routes: reliable through-put of traffic, efficient access to the port, wide pavements, cycle lanes
  • promoting public transport: continued improvements to infrastructure to enhance economic growth and help reduce journeys made by private cars
  • greening the town: opportunities for soft landscaping, tree planting, green walls (vertically planted gardens).

Townside Access programme

Place-making will be embedded into each phase to improve the attractiveness of public spaces.

Phase 1 - 2018

Sterte Avenue West: deliver a new signalised junction to allow traffic to turn right onto Holes Bay A350, without needing to use the Hunger Hill junction. It also provides a new pedestrian crossing across Holes Bay Road. 

Marston Road: enabling works to permit a later change in Phase 2 of the direction of traffic, from one-way to two-way. It will allow effective circulation of traffic between West Street and West Quay Road; designed into its original construction in 2011.

Phase 2 - 2018-2020

Hunger Hill junction: improve the efficiency of the junction together with more direct and safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclists. Changing the direction of traffic on West Street (towards the bridges only) and West Quay Road (towards Hunger Hill only).

Phase 3 - 2019-2021

Hunger Hill to Poole Bridge: completing the links for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

How you can get involved

We now need your views on how you think the public spaces that form part of Townside Access should be shaped to create a more attractive place for everyone to enjoy.

  • Find out about Townside’s heritage: visit Poole Museum (free entry) to help you decide which themes should be celebrated in the public spaces from 25 August to 8 October 2017
  • Complete a survey: online survey available from 25 August until 8 October 2017 or pick up a paper copy from Poole Museum, Poole Libraries or at our drop-in event
  • Come and see us: drop-in event at Poole Museum on Tuesday 19 September 2017 from 10am to 5pm.

Prize draw

Win a cream tea for two at Poole Museum café and terrace. We’ve got 10 to give away! To enter the prize draw, simply include your contact details when you complete the survey. The draw will take place on 9 October 2017. Winners will be notified by post. One entry per person. Please note, the winners’ names will be published on this webpage.

Next steps

Your feedback is valued. Councillors will consider the consultation results along with the whole Townside programme in autumn 2017. Work is anticipated to begin in 2018. A consultation summary will be made available on this webpage and the results will also be shared in the Transport and Roads Email me newsletter.