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Penalty Charge Notices

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Click this link to challenge a penalty charge notice

Please ensure that you supply the Penalty Charge Notice number, as well as your full name and address to enable a response to be sent. If you make your challenge within 14 days from the date of the Penalty Charge Notice and the Council rejects your challenge the discount period will be reset for a further period of 14 days from the date of the Council's letter. See reverse of the PCN for further information.

Where they are issued 

Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets) are issued to vehicles which have contravened parking regulations:

  • in Council car parks
  • on street parking spaces or
  • by parking on yellow lines

The relevant Legislation is the Traffic Management Act 2004. See the section on the Traffic Management Act 2004 for details.

How much they cost

The Penalty Charge Notice amount is approved by Government. The amount of the Charge will depend on the parking contravention, either £70 or £50. If you pay the fine promptly within 14 days, it is reduced by 50%. Thereafter the full amount is payable.

Please do not ignore Penalty Charge Notices. Failure to take action (pay or challenge) will result in the cost increasing to more than £70 or £50.

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Challenging a Penalty Charge

If you feel you have been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice incorrectly, you have the right to challenge it.  This can only be done in writing.

Write to the address on the back of the Notice giving:

  • Your name and address
  • The number of the Penalty Charge Notice
  • Full details of why you are challenging it

Alternatively, you can appeal using the online challenge form, or email the parking administration section. If emailing please ensure you still supply all the above details to enable a response to be posted to you as we do not currently email our decisions.

It is not possible to challenge the Penalty Charge Notice in person.

Should you have any other queries please see our enforcement procedures and guidelines on considering penalty charges.

If it is found that a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued in error it will be cancelled and you will not have to pay the fine. Likewise we may also cancel the charge in other circumstances. Please see our Policy on considering Penalty Charge Notices.

If we turn down your challenge, and we receive your written challenge (letter, email or online form) within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice being issued, we will give you another opportunity to pay at the discount rate.

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If your Penalty Charge Notice remains unpaid

If the charge remains unpaid, a Notice to Owner will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle, who must then either:

  • Pay the full charge within 28 days
  • Or make a formal representation. Even if you have made an informal challenge within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice being issued you will still need to make a formal representation if you wish to challenge it.

Independent adjudication

If the representation is turned down, the registered keeper will be sent details on how to take an appeal to an Independent Parking Tribunal. This will be conducted by an impartial legal representative who will reassess your case, either at a personal hearing, by telephone hearing or by post. The result of the Adjudicator's decision will be binding on all parties.

You may only appeal to an Adjudicator if you have been through the representation process detailed above.

More details of the Adjudication process can be found on their website www.patrol-uk.info

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If you do not pay or make a representation against the Notice to Owner

If you do nothing when you have been sent a Notice to Owner, a Charge Certificate will be sent after 28 days and the charge will increase by 50%. If you receive a Charge Certificate, you must pay it within 14 days. There is no right of appeal at this stage. You should make the Council aware if there are extenuating reasons why you could not submit your representations in time (evidence will be required).

If you do not pay the charge, it will be registered as a debt in the County Court, a court fee of £5.00 will be added and an Order of Recovery will be sent to you. If you receive an Order of Recovery you must either pay the charge within 21 days or complete a Witness Statement to the Court.

If you do nothing, the Court may grant authority for a Warrant to be issued and a Bailiff will be asked to recover the debt from you. The Bailiff will add charges for any work they carry out.

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How to avoid getting a penalty charge notice

Yellow lines
  • Do not park on single or double yellow lines unless you are loading/unloading/delivering (loading/unloading does not include purchasing goods). If there is a loading ban indicated by kerb marks and associated signage, you may not stop even if you wish to load or unload.

Disabled bays

  • Do not park in bays reserved for disabled users unless you have a Blue Disability Badge. If you have a badge you must display it along with your time clock.

Pay and Display

  • Make sure you are able to pay for your parking when you enter the car park as no time is given to go and get change. Make sure you purchase enough time that is sufficient for your stay. Please display your payment ticket in the windscreen of the vehicle so that all details can be seen. We suggest always carry a few coins in the car to enable the purchase of a ticket to be made on arrival.

Parking spaces

  • Make sure you park wholly within the bay markings. This assists other motorists by making the maximum use of the parking space and also allows emergency vehicles to access all areas as and when required.

Loading bays

  • Do not use a loading bay unless you are genuinely loading or unloading. Civil Enforcement Officers will observe for visual evidence of activity.

Bays reserved for specific users

  • Many parking spaces are reserved for particular users, such as residents, bus stops and taxi bays. Do not park unless you are authorised to do so.

Permits and Season Tickets

  • If you have a permit or season ticket authorising you to park, please ensure it is displayed clearly so that all details can be seen. Windscreen holders are provided on purchase of the permit or season ticket.

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