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Your Borough Of Poole

Planning Committee and Licensing Committee


The role of the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee makes decisions on planning applications for development, treework applications and tree preservation matters.

Site visits are normally carried out by members of the Planning Committee prior to the Planning Committee meeting. The Planning Committee site visit protocol can be downloaded from the download area opposite.

Decisions are made within Government criteria after professional advice. Applicants can appeal against decisions to the Secretary of State. This committee is made up of the following  Councillors:

Councillor Pawlowski (Chairman)
Councillor Pope (Vice-Chairman)
Councillors Bagwell, Burden, Mrs Butt, Challinor, Le Poidevin, Parker and G. Wilson

Planning Committee Meetings

The Planning Committee meets every four weeks. Please use the following link to access the Planning Committee Agendas, Reports and Minutes.

The next meeting date can be found by referring to the Councillors, Committees and Council Meeting Information.

Further details about the how the Planning Committee works can be found in the Councils Constitution

The role of the Licensing Committee

The Licensing Committee deals with the licensing of public entertainment venues, taxis and private hire vehicles, cinema licences and health and safety issues. It will also deal with liquor licences in the future. Applicant can appeal gainst decisions to the Magistrates Court. This Committee is made up of 15 Councillors. Further details regarding Licensing issues can be obtained from Environmental and Consumer Protection.

Licensing Meetings

The Licensing Committee meets as and when required. Further details regarding Licensing issues can be obtained from Environmental & Consumer Protection.