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Barbeques and Parties

Smoke from your barbecue can cause offence to other beach users. Choose your spot carefully. Hazardous barbecues will be put out. Read more about having a barbecue on Poole's beaches

For up to 12 people

Groups of up to 12 people may hold a barbecue or party on any of Poole’s beaches without permission.

For 13 to 80 people

You need permission to hold a barbecue or party for groups between 13 and 80 people.

Barbecues and parties for groups between 13 and 80 people can only be held between 6pm and 11pm in the designated area. The designated area is at the western end of Sandbanks Beach.

We need seven days notice and you can apply by calling 01202 708181. Please read the terms and conditions before applying.

Facilities in the designated area include:

  • metal tables to allow preparation of food

  • metal bins for disposing of hot ash.

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BBQs and Parties