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Acceptance of Usage

  1. Borough of Poole (referred to as 'We' below) provides all information on the website poole.gov.uk. By using the website, Visitors (referred to as 'You' below) are agreeing to all the terms, conditions and disclaimers for poole.gov.uk.
  2. We aim to ensure that poole.gov.uk is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience. However, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime of the website and it's additional online services due to essential maintenance or technical problems. We therefore endeavour to make sure that a minimum of 98.2% uptime is achieved as recommended to local authorities by Government.

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  1. Every attempt is made to keep the information on poole.gov.uk up to date, accurate and reliable through quality information procedures. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, nor accept liability for any errors or omissions in the information. The information is for guidance and should therefore not be relied upon as a substitute for formal advice from the originating bodies or departments of the Council and its Partners.

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Changes to the website and it's content

  1. By its nature to ensure content is accurate, poole.gov.uk information is subject to change without notice. Updates to content can take place daily. Should information change during the time you are using it, we shall not be liable to you for any such changes.
  2. While every care is taken in the compilation of this website information, Borough of Poole, its employees, contractors, partners and agents will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error within these pages.

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Online Payments

  1. How we protect your information
    To ensure that your card details are secure, you will only be able to make online payments if you have Internet Explorer 5.5 installed on your PC. Internet Explorer 5.5 supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is an industry standard for internet payments. This means all of your personal and card details are protected using 128 bit encryption when your details are transmitted over the Internet. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone else to discover and use your details.
  2. Check you are using a secure site
    Check your browser encryption strength by using your mouse to hover over a padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window (it should be a closed padlock). When you do this, it should tell you that it is SSL Secured 128 bit.
  3. Using public computers
    If you share your PC, or if you are using it in a library or Internet cafe, you should completely disconnect from poole.gov.uk to ensure that your card details remain secure when you have finished making your payment.

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Library Catalogue

  1. When using the online Library Catalogue you agree to respect due back dates when returning and renewing items, particularly those requested by other users. Once you have become a library member, you can use the catalogue to make an unlimited number of renewals in person, by phone, or online. If the online catalogue is unavailable, please phone or visit any Poole library to renew your books so that you avoid overdue charges.
  2. We advise you to contact Poole Libraries before making a special journey to see any of the resources listed on the library catalogue, in case of loss or damage to stock or other unforeseen events such as library closure.
  3. You are responsible for your library card and PIN, and for all transactions made with them. If you lose your library card, please inform Poole Libraries as soon as possible so that it can be cancelled.

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Text Only

  1. poole.gov.uk uses a text only facility to make the website more accessible to people with disabilities. It hides some accessibility issues and will help users who suffer with visual impairments view and navigate our website.
  2. This service is used to provide a text only version of our website information about services only. It cannot currently be used with our online services such as payments and library catalogue.

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Translation Service

  1. Using plain English
    Advice from the Dorset Racial Equality Council (2003) suggests that effective translation and access to information can come from the use of plain language, rather than translating our information to other languages. To help your understanding of the website information that we provide, in line with guidance from Dorset Racial Equality Council we aim to make sure that poole.gov.uk is written in plain English in the first instance.
  2. Using the translation service
    poole.gov.uk currently uses the free translation service provided by Google and AltaVista/Systran. There are some restrictions on the size of file that can be submitted and the translation is usually understandable but not perfect. This service is provided to translate website information only and cannot currently be used with our online services. However, we recommend that you always try to find a friend or relative who can speak or read English to help with your enquiry. It will help us and you deal with your needs more effectively.

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Local Plan First Alteration (Adopted March 2004)

  1. Ordnance Survey map data
    The Ordnance Survey map data included within this web-site is provided by The Borough of Poole under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function as a planning authority. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice if they wish to licence Ordnance Survey map data for their own use.
    Inclusion of the maps or quotations from the text in any document, internal or otherwise, must reference The Borough of Poole Local Plan First Alteration Adopted March 2004 as the source and must attribute copyright to The Borough of Poole or Ordnance Survey or both as applicable.

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Benefits Calculator

  1. This form can be used to get an instant online benefits estimate. This calculation is an estimate only based on the information you supply. For a full evaluation you will still need to make a formal claim. Usually, benefit will only start from the Monday after the Council receive your form.
  2. The benefits calculator is copyright of Ovaltech 2004.

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Links to third party websites and blogs

  1. Links to other sites from these pages are for information only, we have no responsibility or liability for access to them, the content, accuracy or opinions on any website which is linked from, or to poole.gov.uk.
  2. We make every attempt to ensure the hypertext links to other websites are relevant, appropriate, accurate and provide useful additional information to the Council's own information and services.
  3. We have not vetted any organisations listed in our directories (Our Links, Clubs and Organisations and Family Support Directory) and does not constitute a recommendation or agreement with its objectives. It is your responsibility to ensure the service is appropriate and suitable for your needs.
  4. We cannot guarantee that links to external sites will work all of the time. However we do regularly review web links to ensure that sites can be accessed. If you have had difficulties accessing a site we would like to know. Please contact the Webmaster with full details.
  5. Please see our linking policy for further details.

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Copyright Protection

  1. All copyrights, trademarks, website design and information on poole.gov.uk is copyright of Borough of Poole.
  2. No part of the site may be copied, republished or redistributed for commercial purposes or gain without written permission from the Borough of Poole. Material on this site (including logos and images) is for personal use only. Please contact us if you have any queries, require further assistance or would like to use an image of information from the web site.

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