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new to you

What is new to you?

New to you is a Borough of Poole service giving reclaimed items a new home at affordable prices and helping to support local people.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • support disadvantaged local people who are in need of essential items required to set up a home and for day to day living
  • sell items in a shop available for all members of the public to visit
  • reduce the waste disposal costs for Poole by re-using items that would otherwise be thrown away.   

Opening times and location

Weekly on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.

The store is located at: new to you, Borough of Poole Cabot Lane Depot, Albany Business Park, Cabot Lane, BH17 7BX (behind IMO car wash and next to the Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club).

It is hoped that in the longer term this project can continue and create social benefits from training and volunteering opportunities. 

Why reuse?

Many items brought to the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC-tip) are suitable for reuse. Previously some items brought to the site were sent to landfill or taken by a contractor as bric-a-brac and sold at auction.

Reuse schemes in other locations and Household Waste Recycling Centres have proved very popular.

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I have an item which is suitable for re-use, where can I take it?

If you have any items you think are suitable for reuse please take it to a charity first. If this is not possible, take it to the Nuffield HWRC located at 92 - 98 Nuffield Road, BH17 0RS or Millhams Community Recycling Centre, Millhams Lane, BH11 9LQ. Please advise a member of staff that your item is suitable for reuse.

Please note we can take items from Poole residents and Dorset County Council permit holders only at Nuffield HWRC and from Bournemouth residents only at Millhams Community Recycling Centre.

We ask that items are not taken to the new to you shop unless specifically requested.

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How do I know if my items are reusable and therefore acceptable?

Staff at the HWRC can advise and will separate out reusable items for the project.

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How will this project impact on local charities?

The HWRC is provided as a statutory function by the Borough of Poole. Residents choose to bring their unwanted items to the site as they no longer want them. Ownership of the item then becomes the Council's, and it is the Council's responsibility to dispose of the items safely and economically.

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I can't get my item to you can you pick it up?

We are not able to collect items for the reuse project, if you have bulky items for collection please call Dorset Reclaim on (01202) 679350 who provide a Bulky Household Waste Service.

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Bric-a-brac in Poole

56 tonnes of bric-a-brac was salvaged from the Nuffield site in 2014. These items collected were the ones suitable for resale at auction only, so there may have been other reusable items sent to landfill or for reprocessing. 

The council has a responsibility to find disposal routes for all of the waste it collects, and has 'best value' obligations to find the most advantageous economical and environmental options.

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What happens to our waste at the moment?

The majority of reusable items that are not deemed sellable at auction are disposed of as either non-recyclable waste or wood.

Non-recyclable waste is sent to landfill as large items cannot be processed at alternative waste treatment facilities. Wood is recycled into new chipboard.

There is a cost to dispose of waste. A number of contracts are in place for items taken to the HWRC.

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Where will the money go?

To provide best value for the residents of Poole, we are continually looking for ways to reduce our overall waste disposal costs. Any money taken as a result of the reuse project will go towards provision of key council services for local people in need and reducing waste disposal costs.

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I don't want waste I take to the HWRC given to somebody else

Reuse of items is the preferred option of the national waste hierarchy, and reuse of items is a method that has been used by most Local Authorities including Poole for many years. All items reused for social needs or offered for sale are checked to make sure there are no markings that identify a previous owner.

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