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Exclusion from School

Who can exclude a pupil

The Headteacher has the authority to exclude a pupil (or the deputy Headteacher in the absence of the Headteacher).

Exclusion is used sparingly and in response to a serious breach of the school’s code of conduct. Headteachers only take this decision after other strategies have failed and all attempts have been made to avoid excluding the pupil.

If your child is excluded you will be contacted by telephone by the school. This will be followed by a letter from the Headteacher explaining the reasons for the exclusion, your responsibilities and your rights.

What exclusion means

An exclusion means that the child is not allowed to attend school or go onto school premises for either a fixed term or permanently.

  • Fixed term exclusion - a child may be excluded for up to 45 days in any academic year and a date is given for returning to school. 
  • Permanent exclusion - the school does not intend that the pupil will return. 

The legal framework concerning exclusion is set out in the School Standards and Framework Act 1998  

Measures taken before excluding a pupil

Before excluding a pupil the school would normally have used a variety of strategies such as:

  • Detentions 
  • Issuing a formal warning 
  • Positive reporting system 
  • Removing the pupil for a limited period from certain activities 
  • Interviewing the pupil and parent 
  • Negotiating agreements with the pupil and parent 
  • Identifying any special educational needs the pupil may have 
  • Referral to other appropriate agencies or professionals
  • Pastoral Support Plan 

The headteacher may have also considered some of the following factors: 

  • The age and state of health of the pupil 
  • The pupil’s previous record, any particular circumstances which may have contributed to the behaviour leading to the exclusion 
  • Parental or peer pressure that may have contributed to the behaviour 
  • Whether the behaviour had a significant impact on the life of the school 
  • The degree to which the behaviour was a violation of the school rules and behaviour policy 
  • Whether the pupil was solely responsible for the incident or as part of a group 
  • Whether consideration has been given to seeking support for the pupil from other agencies.

What you can do if you child is excluded

You can state your views if your child has a fixed term exclusion of 5 days or more (either separately or in total) or a permanent exclusion. Write to the school’s governing body asking for a meeting with the governors to discuss the exclusion.

If your child is excluded for five days or more in one term (either separately or in total) from an Academy, community, foundation or voluntary-aided school your views should be made in the first instance to the Governing Body’s Discipline Committee. 

In the case of a permanent exclusion, if you wish to take the matter further you have the right to request an Independent Review Panel following the outcome from the Governing Body’s Discipline Committee.

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