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Commercial Waste Disposal at Nuffield

Where can I dispose of commercial waste?

Commercial waste can be taken to the Waste Transfer Station (next to the tip), Nuffield Road, BH17 0RS. Vehicles are to make their way onto the weighbridge via the trade entrance.

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Is there a charge to dispose of my waste?

Yes, the minimum charge is ‘up to 100kg’ and then banded in 100kg increments. The equivalent charges per tonne are:

  • general mixed waste = £145.00 per tonne

  • wood = £75.00 per tonne

  • green = £60.00 per tonne

  • soil/rubble = £25.00 per tonne

  • recyclables = £50.00 per tonne

  • mattresses = £5.00 per mattress plus general mixed waste charge.

These prices are valid from 1st April 2017 and no VAT is charged on this service. The tariff of charges will be on display at the weighbridge.

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How can I pay for the disposal of my waste?

We only accept payment by credit or debit card (American Express cards cannot be accepted) at time of disposal, there will be no cash transactions or account facilities available.

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When are you open?

Our usual opening hours are shown in the table below. 

1st April – 30th September
1st October – 31st March
Monday to Friday
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Last entry is 15 minutes prior to closing

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Last entry is 15 minutes prior to closing

An alternative council-run commercial waste disposal site is available at Millhams Community Recycling Centre, Millhams Lane, Bournemouth, BH11 9LQ. Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm (1 April - 30 September) and 8.30 am to 4.00 pm (1 October - 31 March).

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Is there a limit on the vehicle size?

Yes, the limit is 3.5 tonne unladen.

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What commercial waste is accepted?

We can accept General Mixed Waste, Wood, Green Waste and Soil/rubble. We cannot accept Asbestos or any of the following:

Air conditioning units  Gas bottles 
Batteries  Oil
Chemicals Plasterboard
Commercial fridge/freezers Televisions
Fluorescent tube lights Raw Food
Paint Tyres

If any of these items are found in a load once tipped; there will be an additional charge payable on leaving the site or the offending waste can be removed and taken away by you.

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I have a mixture of acceptable waste in my vehicle, can I tip them separately?

No, if the load is mixed then it will be tipped/charged as general mixed waste.

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What documentation will I need?

You will need two documents;

  1. Waste Carriers Licence

  2. Waste Transfer Note

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What is a Waste Carriers Licence?

A waste carriers licence is a permit that is required for the transportation of wastes by businesses. It is issued by the Environment Agency and is valid for three years. There are some exceptions, a list of these is accessible via the Environment Agency website.

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What if I don’t have a Waste Carriers Licence?

If you want to dispose of your waste whilst at the site and you don’t have a waste carriers licence, using a smartphone, you can apply for one from the Environment Agency website. You will then be allowed to tip your waste.

If you do not want to apply on the day you visit, we cannot allow you to tip your waste.

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What is a Waste Transfer Note?

A waste transfer note is required whenever trade waste is transferred from a business to a registered waste carrier or waste disposal operator.

It should contain:

  • what the waste is and how much there is, including the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) number

  • what sort of container it is in, the time and date the waste was transferred

  • where the transfer took place

  • the names and addresses of both persons involved in the transfer

  • whether the person transferring the waste is the importer or the producer of the waste

  • if either or both persons is a registered waste carrier, the certificate number and the name of the Environment Agency which issued it

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What if I don’t have a Waste Transfer Note?

If you want to dispose of your waste and don’t have a Waste Transfer Note, we have blank copies of the Environment Agency template that you can complete. This facility will only be allowed on your first visit to us.

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Where will I tip my waste?

You will be directed to the appropriate tipping bay by our site operative.

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I am not a tradesperson, can I use the commercial waste facility to dispose of excess waste that I have?

Yes, you will be charged the same as traders and have to follow the same site rules as traders. However, you will not be required to hold a Waste Carrier’s Licence or Waste Transfer Note. Due to safety reasons you will only be allowed to use the trade facility during the trade opening hours i.e. Monday to Friday, from 14.30 to 17.00hrs. The trade facility is closed on all Bank Holidays.

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Are there are any restrictions on the number of times I can use the site?

No, providing you have the correct documentation, arrive during our opening times, follow our site rules and pay for the waste you wish to dispose of.

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Will I need to wear any personal protection equipment?

Yes, a high visibility vest or jacket must be worn. A limited number of loan vests will be available on-site.

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Are there any other safety rules in force whilst on site?

Yes, you will be given a copy of our site rules which must be adhered to at all times, failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the site and refused entry in the future.

The site safety rules are:

  • only drive and park as directed by site staff

  • observe the 5mph speed limit

  • do not use a mobile phone while in command of a vehicle

  • follow all instructions given by site staff

  • observe and comply with site signage

  • personal protective clothing in the form of a high visibility vest or jacket must be worn

  • while not compulsory, we advise that long trousers and steel toe capped / steel midsole footwear be worn. Failure to follow this advice is at your own risk

  • the whole site is a no smoking site

  • children under the age of 16 must stay in the vehicle at all times

  • pets must be kept in vehicles at all times

  • do not remove waste from the site – this will be treated as theft

  • the Borough of Poole operates a zero tolerance position with regard to abusive, insulting, threatening, intimidating or violent behaviour. Any such behaviour will result in you being excluded from the site and reported to the Police

  • anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry, and the Police may be called

  • unauthorised deposit of hazardous waste is a criminal offence and will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities

  • we will report any criminal offence to the relevant law enforcement authorities

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