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Your Questions Answered

Your ability to pay

I cant afford to pay, what should I do ?

If you are finding it difficult to pay your bill when it is due, please contact us on 0345 034 4569

I am on benefit, why have you sent me a bill ?

If you are already entitled to Council Tax Support, we are still required to send you a bill showing the new Council Tax amount and the amount of your reduction. If you have recently applied for Council Tax Support and are waiting for your application to be assessed, then a revised bill will be sent in due course if there is any change to the amount you will have to pay. If you have any questions about a Council Tax Support application you can either view our Local Council Tax Support pages or contact us on 0345 034 4569

Am I entitled to Council Tax Support / Other Benefit ?

Please view our Local Council Tax Support page.

What are my payment options ?

These are shown on the reverse of the bill and include direct debit, credit/debit card, internet banking or payment through this website, payment at a bank or post office or at our cash office at the Civic Centre

Why is the bill split into 10 payments rather than 12 ?

Council Tax legislation allows for the customer to have the statutory right to pay by instalments. The bill is spread over 10 months but if you would prefer to pay over 12 months please contact the council on 0345 034 4569.

Can I pay on a different date in the month rather than the first ?

In Poole, the due date for Council Tax instalment payments is the first of each month. Payments should be made by that date.

Can I pay weekly ?

We require the instalments to be paid by the due dates shown on the bill. Provided weekly payments are made in advance and the month’s payment is received by the first of each month as shown on the bill that should be fine.

I have arrears from 2014 but can’t afford to pay in full, can I spread the amount over the next ten months and pay it with my new instalments ?

Please call us on 0345 034 4569

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General Queries about Council Tax

I have a new bill which shows an outstanding amount for last year. I have already paid this, why is it shown ?

The Council Tax system had to close on 28th February 2015 in order to recalculate the new amounts due from 1 April 2015. New bills then had to be prepared and printed. The brought forward balance shown on your bill was the amount outstanding as at 28th February 2015. This amount is NOT included in the instalment amounts shown for the new year.

If you have paid this amount since 28th February 2015, we can check your account to make sure we have received it.

What can I do online ?

I registered for an electronic bill but have a new email address. Can you send me a new one ?

Yes. Please email svpp@poole.gov.uk with your details and new email address

Can I sign up for an electronic bill ?

It is too late to receive your 2015/16 bill electronically but you can sign up on line at bills and payments at any time to receive bills this way in the future.

How do I appeal against the valuation of my property ?

Please visit the Valuation Office Agency  or phone 03000 501501. You must continue to pay your existing Council Tax bill based on the current banding even if you are appealing against the valuation.

Why is the bill in my name when other adults live at this address ?

Liability for Council Tax is decided on a hierarchy basis of the right to occupy i.e. owner occupier, leaseholder, tenant etc. normally, those with an equal right to occupy, will be jointly liable for Council Tax however we only put up to two names on the bill.

I have a new bill but my partner has moved out, what do I need to do ?

We need details of the date your partner moved out and where they have moved to before we can amend your bill. You can either call us on 0345 034 4569 or complete an online form and email it to us. 

I have moved and already advised you, why have you sent the new bill to my old address ?

Depending on when you advised us of your move, it may have been too late to amend the new bill and stop it from being sent out.  If you have given us the details after the end of February 2014, we will be updating our records shortly and sending you a new bill as soon as possible. 

I use payment slips to pay my bill, but I need some more.

Paying by direct debit is the most popular method of payment used by our customers. However, if you need additional payment slips to pay over a bank counter or at a post office counter please contact us on 0345 034 4569 and we will send them to you.

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