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Single person discount review

Complete the single person discount review form.

Councils across Dorset are carrying out a review of all Council Tax payers claiming a 25 per cent single person discount on their Council Tax bill.

The review will involve the councils working with Capita Local Government who will be using data supplied from credit reference agencies to check against those currently receiving a 25 per cent discount.

Your local council is keen to ensure that everyone who is entitled to the single person discount receives it. However, it recognises that taxpayers who claim the discount improperly place an unnecessary burden on other residents and it is undertaking this review to stop this.

Those that claim the discount improperly directly reduce the amount of Council Tax collected and reduce the funding that can be spent on local services.

If you are claiming this discount properly, there is no need to worry. If you are claiming a discount you are not entitled to, please contact your local council immediately to avoid further action being taken.

What to do if you receive a review letter

Please don't worry, we are just wanting to make sure that those people genuinely entitled to the discount are getting it.

Whether or not you think you are still entitled to the single person discount, you must respond by either completing the online review, or by completing the form sent to you and returning it to Capita Local Government.

If you do not complete the review form, this may result in your discount being cancelled and a penalty of £70 being imposed.

Please do not return the form to the council.

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