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Single Person Discount

Single person discount

A full Council Tax bill assumes there are two or more adults, (aged 18 years or above) living in a dwelling. If you are the only adult resident in a property, you are entitled to a 25% discount.

This discount may only be applied at a property that is the sole, or main, residence of one person. If you have one address, that is your sole residence. If you have more than one address, please contact us so that we can determine your main residence for Council Tax purposes and decide if you can get a discount.

Apply for Council Tax discount as a single occupier, call 0345 0344569 or email svpp@poole.gov.uk.

Single person discount is an entitlement we are keen to ensure is claimed by taxpayers who are genuinely entitled. However, taxpayers who claim the discount improperly place an unnecessary burden on other residents. We may contact recipients of discount to ensure that only people entitled to the discount receive it. You must tell us if there is a change of circumstances and you are no longer entitled to discount.

Councils are taking action to help ensure that their Council Tax records are accurate and up to date.

This work includes the councils working partnership to remind Council Tax-payers of their responsibility to:

  • claim discounts only where there is a valid entitlement
  • promptly provide the council with accurate information
  • promptly notify the council where they have experienced a change in circumstances which might affect their entitlement to a discount

We acknowledge that the majority of our Council Tax-payers provide the right information as quickly as possible. However, we also find that some Council Tax-payers choose not to provide accurate information unless there is an incentive for them to do so.

A penalty of £70 can be charged if the Council Tax-payer fails to supply information (or deliberately supplies incorrect information) which affects their liability or entitlement to discount or exemption.

A penalty of £70 can be charged to a resident, owner or managing agent who fails to respond to a written request to supply information which would help the council establish the person liability for the Council Tax. A penalty of £280 can be applied for failure to respond to a second written request for the same information.

You must let us know if you have a change in circumstances.

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